Made it to another Fourth of July. Brought little kitty upstairs and let her explore. Small steps toward eventual adoption by big kitty, who wants to be friends.

A nice Saturday starts with Farmers Market. Worked on the Unit postcard for Cole and on personalized landing page for WCA store.

Worked on special Sax parts for The Blue and the Gray. Success! We’ll have a fuller sound now.

Off to see Dr. Chance for a final check on my nose. All is well. Then make an August 2nd appointment with Dr. Krasner for a second opinion on the chin.

Left David’s Buffet at Music and Arts for estimating and scored a set of bells just for the asking.

Wow. We ordered the faucet from Pam Coles @ Ferguson yesterday. It arrive this morning!

Yesterday was a big day.  Terry, Lock Doctor, came to the house and got the other deck door open. I’ve asked him to research replacing all the locksets on our exterior double doors.  We took a trip down to the Ferguson appliance store in Forest Virginia. We picked a new cooktop and a new faucet for the kitchen sink. Things are looking up in the cabin.

Some folks check in here from time to time. Let’s give another try to posting news, activities, and general observations. Just returned from our 50th Anniversary trip to Europe. Had a blast, of course. Just took a taste of London, Paris, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Skye, the Lake District, the Cotswolds, and the general countryside. Now back to working on the WB Airstream Club International Band program for July 14-27, 2019. The rest of the year is open for negotiation.


The hearing in my left ear is back to about 80% good, with a louder ringing than the right this morning. The new iMac is installed and running. Temps are on the high 40s, sunny and calm. Allergies are picking up it appears. Will go apply the nasal spray. TMI?