The hearing in my left ear is back to about 80% good, with a louder ringing than the right this morning. The new iMac is installed and running. Temps are on the high 40s, sunny and calm. Allergies are picking up it appears. Will go apply the nasal spray. TMI?

Friday; April 7, 2017 – I’m going to get back to writing things down here. Yesterday afternoon I lost 80% of my hearing and all of my comprehension in the left ear. Seems a little better today, Friday, but still not back. Hope it’s just a simple “infection” or something curable. Keeping Track Here.

We are back home for a while. The Spring and Summer has been loaded with travel in the Airstream and otherwise. May started with AWI meetings in Kentucky and Indiana. June took us to Saskatchewan, and Harrison Lake, and Louisville. July took us to North Myrtle Beach. Fun times combined with work times.

I was too smug. I mentioned we had been fortunate NOT to get the sickness going around the area. Wrong. Been down for about two weeks, but getting better every day. Had hoped to go to Vermont for meetings this week, but had to put off until next week. Getting computer things done.

Yesterday and today pointed up to me the fact-of-life we all face — I”m getting old. I had a nice time yesterday working with a colleague on a presentation/conversation we are going to present jointly to our other colleagues at the Architectural Woodwork Institute in early May 2015. The two of us think of this as our gift and legacy to the AWI staff as we begin to step back. It was exciting to be planning a new presentation again, and with such a great partner.

Today I talked with a younger member of the AWI staff. We explored the new “Communities” offering she is building for our AWI Committees and Leadership. What a joy to see the current digital technology being embraced and enhanced for the benefit of the AWI membership.

It’s come time to turn over the running of AWI to that generation. I don’t feel bad about doing that. I feel good.

We really enjoy the short winters of the Rockfish Valley. The snow usually only stays around for a few beautiful days and then, as it is doing now, just melts away in 100% sunshine and warmth. Time to get the taxes done, attend a concert, visit Mom. Life is good in Virginia.

It’s been quite a couple of days. This is the first instance of not being able to serve a member because of needless hurdles in form of website analysis and blocking. Took too many hours of too many people’s time to try to make it right. Even now not sure we’ve done it. Ah, well.