[image above: The Three Ridges, Nelson County, VA, as seen from our Cabin]

Views about life and our industry by Greg Heuer. Over the years, he has delivered programs to thousands of construction industry professionals and educators on architectural woodwork, the Quality Standards and the specification and use of wood, nature’s gift to man. Contact him via the Woodwork Career Alliance web site.


— Recognized authority on national standards for wood and wood products used in fine woodworking, furniture, and fixtures.
— Author, editor, videographer, and publisher: Adobe & Apple Professional Applications.
— Talented and enthusiastic trainer and public speaker.


Use email for contact: gheuer @ umich.edu

2 Responses to “About The Author”

  1. Steven Patrick Says:

    Saw your experience at Ashleys Market. I’m one of the owners and wanted to apologize for your bad experience. The problem with window brushes is they are constantly stolen. This is a problem I guess with kids really not sure why they are taken. We strive to make every experience a good one. Sorry this was not a good one for you. Take care and
    God bless.

    1. Greg Says:

      Thanks, Steven, for your response. I, too, work in customer service. I know how hard it is. Stay well.

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