The replacement project went well. These new skylights, made by Maxim in Texas, are First Class in every way. Put up the ladders to get started:

Starting at the front, the one which was broken in the hail storms in Wyoming and Kansas:

Had to get the old caulk off the tops of the screws. It came off easily. From the looks of things, this skylight was replaced once before. This is not the original installation.

Most of the screws had been driven too firmly into the thin plastic, cracking the surface. Liberal amount of caulk was applied to seal them. Two of the Phillips recesses had been stripped during the previous installation. I forced the old skylight off and then hack sawed the screw heads to remove them.

Removing the old caulk is the step which takes the most time in the whole process. I got the majority of it off and then cleaned the opening with mineral spirits to get down to the aluminum.

I moved the new skylight into place for a dry fit, laid down a thick bead of Sikaflex 221, and drilled for the 1 x 10 stainless steel hex/slotted sheet metal screws I bought for the job.

The fasteners install under the lip of the assembled skylight, directly into the side of the existing aluminum curb which held the old ones.

Fasteners installed, I ran a bead of Sikaflex 221 around the base and we were done.

Moved the ladders to the rear location and started there.

It was clear this was the original factory installation. The fastener head were each covered with a neatly placed bulb of caulk and it was old, very difficult to remove.

The fasteners were 1/4 inch hex head self tapping sheet metal screws. Once I got enough of the old caulk off to get purchase with my hex driver they came out easily. I prepared the opening in the same way as the front and dry fit the new unit.

A liberal bead of Sikaflex 221 and the new unit was fastened in place. I did put a dollop of Sika on each screw thread as I inserted it, but I hardly think you would actually need to do that. Everything is so well sealed after the last caulk bead.

So, started about 8 AM, done around Noon. Nice.

3 Responses to “Skylight Replacement”

  1. Patrick McLemore Says:

    NIce, Greg. Don’t be surprised if I show up in your drive with a trailer and a couple of new Maxims to install.


    1. Greg Says:

      Hey, that would be fun. I work for food. We’ll all got out for Lunch or Dinner at the Devils Backbone about a mile away. Let me know when you’re coming. We’ll move The Otter up to storage and you can hook up with 20 Amp electric and water.

  2. jack & phyllis Says:

    Thanks for the very good step by step pictures and reassuring words. We will definitely consider replacing our two sky lights before they develop any problems.
    Jack & Phyllis

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