Time to get back to posting from time to time. I’m in my last years with the Architectural Woodwork Institute, with a target retirement date of the end of December 2016. As I sit here watching our woods fill up with snow (to poach a quote) I get to thinking about the road ahead. Dad often mentioned the “downwind leg” as a part of the approach pattern for bringing the big B-29s in for a landing on Tinian Island. Linda and I are still actively “flying” but at some time in the not too distant future we will have to / want to make the turn into the base leg as we approach the landing runway. We are beginning to map out the journey.

Today we celebrate with our younger son / daughter-in-law the start of their journey of adoption. We so look forward to all that brings.

This Christmas we celebrated the announcement of our older son / future daughter-in-law’s engagement. The family is growing in just the right ways.