Credentials define a career path in the prestigious, modern woodworking industry.

The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America has created a professional credential program that allows woodworkers to demonstrate their competency in manufacturing woodworking skills and earn credentials that are recognized throughout North America.

These credentials will advance the knowledge, skill and professionalism of the workforce needed to sustain and grow the woodwork industry. As the woodworker learns and masters the techniques at the basic level, a clear path for increased skill is defined in the Woodwork Manufacturing Skill Standards.

Woodworkers benefit by showing knowledge and skill in observable, measurable standard operations on machines used in the plant.

Company owners and managers benefit by getting help in recruiting, training, and retaining skilled employees. Employers will have a solid mechanism to quantify the skills of their employees and a menu of tools, machines and operations from which they can select the skill and skill level relevant to their plant production, jobs, or training needs.

Educators benefit by having access to guidelines for class planning and industry outcomes. And, students thinking about their future are able to discover a rewarding career and learn what they need to know to succeed.