Just got back to the snowy Cabin, and wonderful *place* full of nice *things*. Getting here reinforces my understanding that of the three, *people* are the most important component of a life. I eagerly await the return of my best friend, wife, and partner as I write this. At the same time I reflect on the past few days and the rejuvenating effect the WCA Board and all the people related to them have on my body and soul. Sure we were together in a nice place, Savannah, and had some great meals, good laughs, and intense discussions. Over and above all that it’s the care we have for each other that means the most to me. Some of these folks I’ve only known for a few years; others for decades. The key attribute in *all* these relationships is respect. Respect is earned. Each of them has earned mine, and I hope I’ve earned theirs. Their friendship, support, and respect sustains me through my darkest days, and there have been more than a few of those in the last three years. Blessings on the wonderful people of the Woodwork Career Alliance with whom I live and work, our joint efforts on the Skill Standards, and the industry which we serve.