I’ve just invested nearly two solid days trying to get the rapid eLearning programs called Articulate Studio ’09 to make a simple Powerpoint into an eLearning module. I’m *forced* to run this clunky program in Parallels on my big Mac Pro Dual Quad Core machine. Nothing is intuitive about WinXP. The documentation for ARTICULATE is perfunctory and not helpful. The dialog boxes seem to make sense until you press OK or GO and then nothing seems to happen. The support sites on the web are less than helpful, at least for a newbie. The producer of the programs doesn’t seem to offer live support, or at least I can’t find it.

Contrast that to the wonderful program for similar purposes called Softchalk. I have a small glitch in the “Preview in Browser” mode. I posted a request for assistance on their site. WOW, a LIVE person called me to help. This is wonderful customer service.

Articulate makes me mad and sad. We spent BIG money on this Suite and are very disappointed.