The first day of Moodle Admin training was well-paced, for the most part, and interesting. It was nice to be taken on a tour of “” and “” because one may not be tempted to explore those sites in such depth. It was also interesting that this learner was unable to find issue MD15444 in the tracker site. Because the answers to that issue are required to continue through the first lesson, this posed something of a problem. Most of my “guesses” were correct, so I was permitted to proceed, but I’d suggest the course designer either provide more complete information on how to find that issue, or be sure that the issue is still available inside ‘tracker’ if it has been removed.

I’d also be interested if there is a way to ‘pingback’ or ‘trackback’ these entries to my regular WordPress blog so I don’t have to do double-work to get it posted again. I’d accept either condition, i.e., be permitted to write the original in WordPress and post a link in my lesson file, or write the original there and have it automatically post to WordPress. Any ideas???