The weekend meeting of the Woodwork Skill Standards assessment task force on March 12-13-14, 2010, was a watershed. The work of the 30 Woodwork Career Alliance writing and editing authors was crystallized into one-page evaluation forms. The path to these forms was arduous. All four of the team wrestled with every word of every operation of principal machines in each classification to fine-tune, focus, and refine both the requirements for the Standard and the language which describes success.

The result of these hours of reflection, discussion and, yes, argument is the template for both the paper and paperless future. As woodworking professionals achieve each Level of each Operation on each Machine they will be eligible for “stamps” in their Passport credential and on their electronic record. The “stamps” are the first stepping stone to eventual professional credential on the Skill Circle. More news to come by the end of 2010, as the Woodwork Career Alliance continues to make progress reaching its milestone toward completion in 2013.