OK, do we need to get the ‘experts’ writing the Skill Standards for their tools and machines? Is there any interest in setting up small, flexible, virtual WOODWORK MACHINE AND TOOL ADVISORY PANELS? WMATAPs could each focus on the best part of their tools and machines, and on observable, measurable skills on those? Here are the current working areas:
Tools for the next cycle:
001 Layout
Marking gauge

002 Sawing
Saber saw
Dovetail saw
Straight Line Rip
Gang Rip
Scroll saw
Radial Arm, (crosscut, rough cut)

003 Milling
Hand plane

004 Shaping
Pin router
Inverted pin routerĀ®
Tilting spindle shaper
Single end tenoner
Double spindle shaper

005 CNC
Beam Saw
CNC fixturing – add to wiki, possibly a widget
CNC Aggregate Head – add to wiki – dedicated to one specific purpose

006 Boring
Line boring
Dowel bore and insert
Multi-spindle horizontal bore
Slot Mortiser – add to wiki

007 Sanding
Portable Belt Sander
Oscillating Spindle Sander

008 Clamping & Laminating
009 Turning
010 Joinery & Assembly
Pneumatic nail gun

* Finish nailers
* Brad and pin nailers

011 Grinding & Sharpening
Hand file, check metal working

012 Finishing
Curtain coaters – add to wiki
Roll coaters – add to wiki
Robotic Spayers – add to wiki
Touch Up – Go to Mohawk, ask for standard for training, measurable, observable standard for that