Here are some bits and links, use what you can:

• Sustainable building is all the rage. Woodworkers can profit from it AND sell the benefits of using wood. We are building a Wiki, including information on the new Construction Specification Institute [CSI] GreenFormat here:

• Be the first to know. Your AWI Education team is building a powerful college of woodwork knowledge. To learn about (and to contribute your two cents on) both our F2F and distance learning, click here:

• Google in your plant. Energy use in your factory is a big part of your ‘fixed’ expenses. If there was a no-cost/low-cost way to put those dollar back in YOUR pocket would you do it? Sure you would. Learn more about the Google PowerMeter development here:

• The new Architectural Woodwork Standards are just about to be published. The team is meeting in Phoenix this weekend. We are please to see over 1,200 hits on the download page in January and February. Be a helper. Send in your comments. To learn how, click: