The 130+ page book to be deployed as a part of the advanced secondary woodwork industry Skill Standards Pilot Program is near publication. A draft of the book can be downloaded at the Woodwork Career Alliance wikispaces site here:

Set to cover 28-30 tools and machines, observable and measurable skills on three levels of training and experience have been written by a team of authors and editors all across North America.

Level 1

Typical introductory Text: “Given material prepared and ready to (Blank), excute the operation to given standards.”
defined as:

  • List measurable results required (Tolerances, quality, surface finish, etc).
  • User is not expected to make machine adjustments

Expected Outcomes:

  • Demonstrates ability to perform operation as instructed.
  • End product meets specified criteria
  • General Conditions are observed

Level 2

Typical introductory Text: Given equipment that is properly calibrated, select proper tooling and setup for (Blank)”
defined as:

  • List measurable results for set up, i.e. “adjusts fence to xx dimension”
  • xxx

Expected Outcomes:
– Demonstrates ability to set up operation as instructed.
– Meets Level 1 Performance standards

Level 3

Typical introductory Text: (Level 3 is not necessarily operation specific).
defined as:

  • Calibrate and maintain machinery
  • Troubleshoot and correct machining defects
  • Meets Level 1 & 2 Performance standards
  • May include expectations for fabricating jigs & fixtures

Participation in the development of these standards is open to anyone worldwide. Contact the author to learn more or leave a comment on this page with your contact information.