Well, last week turned up the heat at both the Architectural Woodwork Institute and the Woodwork Career Alliance. I’m going to use this forum to keep my friends and contacts up to date with all the activity.

The Woodwork Career Alliance is mapping its future, with a solid look at 2009 and skeleton planning for 2010 and beyond. There’s LOTS to do. We are eager to welcome other folks into the fold. If you are passionate about the productivity of your work team, contact me to get involved. You can choose your level of involvement, the amount of time you want to commit, and the kinds of things you work on.

The Architectural Woodwork Institute is supporting the awesome work of the Joint Standards Committee in getting the new Architectural Woodwork Standards to the printers and out to the industry. Speakers are being trained, materials for presentations are being prepared, engagements are being lined up. The addition of Appendix B will capture all the teaching parts of the old 8th edition Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI). Looks like fun.